When I heard about the Subculture Challenge I thought this will be fun. I was right. Sileny Noel asked those who are interested to give her two random numbers in a fixed range and those two subcultures would be the ones we can choose from. Mine where Bikers and Cyberpunk.

I have been a Bikerchick in my youth and I am a Cyberpunk Pen and Paper Roleplayer and (among other things) Sci-Fi-Geek in RL. So both of those were interesting for me. I actually threw a coin and the result was Cyberpunk.

Subculture Challenge - Cyberpunk

There are many different ways to experience that, all of them pretty awesome. I have my own. Sadly lots of things my character has and is, is not available in SL, so I made a new character for that instead of showing you my RP girl 🙂

As location I chose the “Doomed Ship” Roleplaying Sim which is pretty perfect for this. Too bad you cannot bring sounds of SL into a blog post, it was pretty awesome to dive into this dark trash sci-fi environment.

Subculture Challenge - Cyberpunk

I love that place.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin & Ears: The Plastik – Valah Skins Dark Magic
Hair & Hairbase: Dolly Rotten – Girlhawk – Black/Tintable (Did not find the inworld store, link leads to Marketplace)
Shirt & Pants: Barerose – Silent Heart
Boots: Gos – Docs V2 – 8 Hole – F – BLACK
Holoptics: PsiNanna Inc. – Holoptics
Cyberparts: Arctic Wind – Cyberdoll
Gun: H&S MetalWorks ltd. Weapons – Alien Disintegrator Rifle
Poses: Picture 1: exposeur – James
Picture 2: exposeur – Ulaa