Bribing Santa …

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All around the world people celebrate Christmas or a fest that happens to be at the same time. I for myself celebrate a fest called Yule which was on December 21st, so i have a couple of days peace and silence now *grins* But of course I have a list of wishes, most of them more for my friends and emotional or health things. After reading through it again I noticed, I have only one material wish and that is something nobody could buy, so who is the best person to ask for those wishes…

Exactly Santa! And since Santa knows that I don’t celebrate Christmas I had to think of a way of bribing him a little – I am sure that helps my ranking on the nice list, right?

Bribing Santa

The “Santa’s Helper” and “Santa Babydoll” sets from “Bodice” were the perfect opportunity to help me with that and they are both available until the end of the holidays for only 65 and 75 Linden each, now if that isn’t a deal. And since I don’t show myself often in lingerie, Santa’s going to get something special to see. Now if that doesn’t work I don’t know.

Bribing Santa

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Truth – Nina
Lingerie: Picture 1: Bodice – Santa Babydoll (Maroon) – 75L
Picture 2: Bodice – Santa’s Helper (Teal) – 65L
Shoes: Maitreya – Old Group Gift Pumps
Tattoos: moloko – – Summer of Love Tattoo soft
Poses: Picture 1: Pulling Strings – elle_flapper 5
Picture 2: ELISA – sweet chocolate2 (no shop anymore)
Setting: MudHoney – Dear Santa Photoble (Room, Chair, Table, Curtains and Gifts – not shown the Christmas Tree due to lack of prims)


Tribute to the sun


Yay for another post in the row of the 52 Weeks of Color Blogger Challenge. This week’s color is yellow and I was thinking about that color since I knew it was coming. When I told my best friend about it, he asked me if I have to be alone on the pics and the bulb in my head went on. He loves yellow and so I happily offered him to join me this week.

And creative mind that Cale is, he had an idea for the picture in literally no time. Last night he built the little set for it and I think that he basically just wanted to show me what he was thinking of, but then we spontaneously morphed that into a photoshoot. It was so much fun 🙂

Tribute to the sun

I do not know how many of you know that December 21st will be the Yule fest, the longest night of the year and that from this day the days will start to become longer again. The rebirth of the sun in celtic beliefs.

Since it is one of my major events (while others celebrate christmas just a couple of days later) this picture means a lot to me. Kind of a celebrating of Yule a few days early *grins*

What did we use and where can you get it?
Cale is wearing:
Shape: Selfmade
Skin: Fallen Gods – Irridiate Gold Delta Skin
Glowing Eyes: Selfmade
Hair: MADesign/KMADD – Boyd Medium Blonde VIII
Tattoo: Fallen Gods – Sparkle TAttoo Gold
Cloak: Selfmade
Pants: Vitamen – freebie
Wings: Sinful needs – SN-Nihilim Wings
Hands: Fallen Gods – Glowing Hands
Pose: His AO – Vista Animations

Chandni is wearing:
Shape & Eyes: Selfmade
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Vivante – 12
Hair: Exile – Fiona
Silks: HopScotch – Solstice Silks
Pose: DARE – FALL – “Leaf Lay Long”

Catch of the day

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Today all I wanted is to make a snow picture. So I jumped into an outfit, looked for a nice place and made pictures. In the middle of the shoot, part of it felt wrong to me. Then I noticed that I feel like wearing something completely different and the pose was not what i was feeling like either. So, I changed everything and yay was happy with the result. No idea why I rather felt like blue than my favourite color green, but here it is, the catch of the day.

Sweater and Wreath with pose are from the new “Happy holidays from …” Hunt with so many lovely gifts for each 10L$, you should not miss it. There are 95 stops in total, starting point is Ispachi.

The Hair is one of 5 Hairs that are lowered in Price for a Sale at Magika Hair. The others are really pretty as well, you should come over and take a look.

Catch of the day

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape and Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Magika Hair – Cody
Sweater: Ducknipple– Olive – Blue (Happy Holidays from … Hunt)
Pants: Mashooka – men’s pantalon {black}
Boots: NyX – Fluffy Furry Boots (fem)_boxed 2.0
Scarf: League – Vintage Scarf -Cadet
Wreath with Pose: Adorkable – Wreaths (Happy Holidays from … Hunt)

Sepia? Oh my..

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Okay, when I saw that the 52 weeks of color challenge for this week is sepia, my first thought was “That’s easy, dress in anything and slap a sepia filter over it.” but well that is not the thought behind this, right? So the second thought was “Oh my..” I have a lots of browns in my inventory but it still was a challenge. I am not even sure IF the items I chose fit into the broad understanding of Sepia, but for me it is, and that is what counts, right? 🙂

After putting everything together, I was actually looking for myself. For this Picture I changed my haircolor and my skin and I don’t recognize myself. Not that I don’t like the look, but those changed parameters are so not me *laughs*

Sepia? Oh my..

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Stephanie Panacek – Hot Date
Hair: TRUTH – Aloha
Tops: Phoenix Rising – Miss (Shop Closed)
Pants: Mashooka – Men’s pantalon (Old Hunt gift)
Boots: A-BOMB – Maria belted
Belt: HopScotch – Ring Belts
Bracelets: HopScotch – Wooden Bracelet Dark Wood
Pose: exposeur – Fashuneesta 13
Location: Twas – A whiter shade of pale

Thecla, the Assassin

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I have never been much of a Boot type, but recently I find more and more often, that I love them. So when I saw those boots from Lassitude & Ennui I knew I need them. Jackal Ennui makes all the sculpts and textures herself and there is so much detail in them, so lovely and I for myself can feel that she loves to do what she does.

The first boots to show off, are called “Thecla” and they come in 6 colors. Since I fell in love with the deep vibrant red I’m showing you those 😉 The other colors are sea, black, brown, gray and purple.

Also new in this is Ayla’s new Dani pants with a very high waste, and gosh I love this. Never had anything like this before and I have no idea why. Once again Ayla topped her own performance with this completely hand drawn piece of clothing.

Thecla, the Assassin

Also they are participating in the “Happy Holidays from ..” hunt, which runs from Dec 10th to 31st, and is organized by CHIC Management. And those Assassin boots are the prize in grey. They are just awesome and not only for villains. After the hunt is over they will be available in more colors, so don’t forget to check back on New Year.

Thecla, the Assassin

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Picture 1: Truth – Liv
Picture 2: Truth – Chantelle
Top: Picture 1: friday – Seasons Sweater
Picture 2: Phoenix Rising – Risk-Shirt
Vest in Picture 2: Staged – Geek Vest – Grey
Pants: Picture 1: Ayla’s – Dani pants – dark brown
Picture 2: Phoenix Rising – Miss Jeans
Boots: Picture 1: lassitude & ennui – Thecla – red
Picture 2: lassitude & ennui – Assassin boots – grey – Happy Holidays Hunt
Pose: Picture 1: dollipops – goldfish at sea
Picture 2: BANG – Take A Look 5

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