Who gives a hoot?


I can honestly say that I do. But this was the title i had in mind the very first moment I saw what Liliana Barrs came up with. Those awesome cute owl brooches and those cute little birdy earrings are the first thing she put for sale in Second Life and I had to get them, because I noticed i don’t have enough bird-things in my inventory and those are just adorable *grins*

Who gives a hoot?

And look at these Jeans. Oh my god those are awesome. I had the pleasure to see with my own eyes how Ayla Verity made those. Yes, really, those are hand-drawn. Every stitch, every wrinkle, everything. She worked on those for days and when i thought after one that they are already perfect i almost fell out of my chair when i saw the end result that she improved themeven more. They look so realistic!

Who gives a hoot?

The skin is Isolde from Exodi and the yellow/orange-ish make up was perfect for this shirt, which is the October and Anniversary Gift from Has Been. And see those cute little ringed toes? This is the updated version of the SLink bare feet, i love the new toe ring option 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Vivante – 3
Prim Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Low
Hair: friday – Allison
Top: Has Been – Tabitha Top 1 – Harvest
Pants: Ayla’s – Inkie jeans dark
Brooch: undefined lilies – tackered owl (gold/orange)
Earrings: undefined lilies – pearls n birds (white)
Necklace: flirt – Bloom Necklace: Jasper/Bronze
Pose: Leafy – PSAP
Location: Hide and Seek


Today I feel …. red


All day long i was changing outfits and did not know what to wear, nothing felt right, until i found this top in my inventory and knew, that this is what i want to wear today. Because today i felt… red.

Not that i was aggressive or anything, i just felt like it. Then when i saw some of the Fifty Linden Friday items I went shopping and came back with a couple of things I had to wear and mix together and yay happily they did fit my reddish mood.

Today I feel ... Red

And I really seem to like the autumnal decoration on Hide and Seek, this was not the first time i have been there to make pictures *lol* But it’s really really lovely, well done.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Tiny Bird – I want to be well (Fifty Linden Friday)
Top: friday – Seasons Sweater (Seasons Hunt Gift!)
Pants: friday – Low Rise Jeans Midnight
Boots: Reek – Autumn Boots (The color Sienna is available for Fifty Linden Friday!)
Pose: doll – Julia 05

Vampire Doll


Yesterday my good friend SySy and me decided that we should visit the Horrorfest. We have heard about it but shame on us never visited. While we still stood at the Entrypoint and waited to rez another friend Cyclic joined and decided to get along with us, which was a great decision we had lots of fun. Sadly SySy crashed on the way and did not find her way back, but me and Cyclic went on and saw more of it. It is so big, that I had to leave before we reached the end, so we’ll have to go back definitely.

And despite my plan not to spend too much money, because my Landlord won’t like the excuse “I had to buy stuff at the Horrorfest so I cannot pay rent, I am sure you’ll understand” I got back home with my bags full of awesomeness.

Vampire Doll

While walking around with Cyclic I tried on the nice things I’ve good and I fell in love with this combination. I am feeling like a vampire dolly with this pretty dress, the skin with those little fangs at the lips making me feel all cute and it fits perfectly to my new hair and those pirate boots. And then when I found this Doll-Key as well oh my, my dolly heart bounced of joy – not that vampires notice much of that heart but oh well …

Vampire Doll

And of course you have to get a closeup of this lovely Skin. The necklace is a Charity item by the way and fits just perfectly to the whole ensemble. She has more sweet necklaces at her stall this is only one of them 🙂

If you have not been at the Horrorfest yet, you so should go. It’s amazing how creative the creators of SL are when it comes to spooky stuff. I’ve got much more, maybe I’ll show it to you another time 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Mango Mango – Bite Pale
Hair: elikatira – Mood
Tattoo: Garden of Ku – Tattoo Wired Garden
Dress: Moonshine Designs – Clothilde Hurricane
Boots: Duh! – Women’s Pirate Boots Purple
Doll-Key: Beloved – Skullrose Key
Necklace: Dragon Charm – Bat Necklace
Poses: Picture 1: Posies – ANTM Chris
Picture 2: Reel Expression – Luth – Posh 13

Location: Horrorfest

A splotch of color …

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I think I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of fall. I love the colors, the smell of rain, the sound of rain and the rustling leaves at the trees before they fly away, to watch them flying… well everything actually.

As much as I love all those orange, reddish, brownish colors… when I was shopping recently and I saw this splotch of color among all the autumn fashion, I just needed to get it. And it is so beautiful, colorful and happy mood spreading. So for now this will be my Happy Mood dress *grins* And sadly you cannot see it there but Gos’ Espandrillos I am wearing with them are just perfect to complete this look.

A splotch of color ...

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Truth – Maya
Dress: GizzA – Summer Angel Dress (comes with the bracelet and a necklace)
Pose: agapee – agp_F48

Somewhere out there

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Today after I logged in I did not really know what to do. Though i remembered that I’ve got the new release from Pocket Gardens and unpacked it to see how i can make it fit on my land. And it is just great. So i sat down and had this lovely view over the water and this old song from “An American Tail” popped back into my head as it sometimes does.

I really like those little patches of green, little scenes of nature. This one comes in two versions in the pack but i really really love the one with the raven on the treestump so I chose this for my picture. Stormy Aluveaux, the creator and owner of Pocket Garden, also included copyable grass patches that i threw out and around the stump. Doesn’t it just look beautiful?

Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight
Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer
That we’ll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we’re sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we’ll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes:
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Sixty Nine – Diva
Tunic: Barerose – Off Shoulder Tunic Green
Pants: A:S:S – Jamie pants (Make him over hunt gift)
Boots: hoorenbeek – Lucille Boots – Brown/Black
Bracelet: alaMood Boutique – Mirage Tea Rose Bracelet :: Blanco
Ring: alaMood Boutique – From the Diamante *D* Ensemble
Pose included in the Tree-stump: Pocket Gardens – Country Stump 2

A moment of peace

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Yesterday has been quite a hectic day. From IMs bombarding me, so me wanting to go to the jewelry fair, over meetings in SL and friends needing an ear to talk to. I even forgot to eat dinner until it was really late. So after all this was done, I finally got a moment to visit the land around the “Zipper Mainstore“, my best friend Cale gave me the landmark of.

It was already in the middle of the night and I was really stressed out, but as soon as I teleported in I was in awe with the sky that revealed itself to me (It seems to be a sphere or another object with a texture on it because my Windlight settings did not influence it). I stood there, in the middle of this dark green grass and took a deep breath. This moment of peace was just wonderful and what i needed.

A moment of peace

I did not even change for the picture because I really liked what I was wearing in contrast to the surroundings. 🙂

The Skirt is the new release from Zaara and as soon as I saw them on pictures I knew I need them. Honestly they have written my name (RL and SL) all over them and so it was no wonder that I fatpacked the whole lot.

The shirt and the Hair from Truth are part of the 10-10-10 event in Second life. A couple of designers came together and have a special item for you for only 10 L and another for 110L. More Information about that you can find here.

The jewelry comes from the Jewelry fair and was either for Free or a Dollarbie. I was amazed at all the fantastic and talented designers of Jewelry out there I never heard about and to see with what the ones came up with I knew already. I will definitely will have to go back to look at the auction pieces again when it comes closer to an end.

Last but not least the skin is from Tuli and part of this week’s Dressing Room. You will only get it until this week’s collection gets kicked out, so hurry up and grab it.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Tuli – Helena 04 (The Dressing Room)
Hair: Truth – Padma
Top: Truth – Tanks for 10.10.10 (sky/sand)
Skirt: Zaara – Trishna – Aqua
Long Necklace and Earrings: Star’s Gems – Mystic Topaz Neptune’s Garden Set (Jewelry fair Gift)
Choker: Illusions – Etya Collar (Texture Change Scripted) (Jewelry fair Gift)
Bracelets: Fairy Tail – Bracelets (Texture Change Scripted) (Jewelry fair Dollarbie)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – F-Blogger2-Primskirt PR4

Time of the living dead

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As everyone might have seen by now, Halloween comes closer and closer and not only that but also the Zombie Apocalypse, at least that is what people say. Fitting to that time the ‘Hunt of the living dead‘ (HotLD) is filled with lots of creepy bloody, zombie stuff that makes me shiver at times.

So I was looking through the hunt items and i am not even half through but when I looked at the screen I really liked the combination I saw. And I was thinking about doing a post of some of the things and did not have much of an setting. But then, oh my, I found this awesome pose prop that is also available in the hunt and I had to make a picture with that for you, although I did creep myself out while looking at it lol

Time of the living dead

I only cropped it and played with some windlight settings. Isn’t that awesome? Skin, Eyes, Pajama and the prop are hunt items, the Hair i got ages ago somewhere as freebie and it looked nice with it. I can’t wait to see what else the designers of the hunt have been creating. It’s still going on until October 31st, so plenty of time to get those awesome prizes yourself 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: MIASNOW – ZOMBINA brainlicker (HotLD – Gift)
Eyes: MIASNOW – Zombie (HotLD – Gift)
Hair: Rotten Toe – Zombie Hair
Pajama: bubble – Living Dead Pajama Party Set (HotLD – Gift)
Frame, with Gallows, Pose etc. Julia Collection – Execution Mirror (HotLD – Gift)

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