So today it is here, the last day of summer. I know that almost everyone of us felt the last weeks like it would be already gone but today it’s official. And tomorrow autum starts. So confession time, if you did not know it already.

I LOVE Autumn well and winter, but until then it is still a bit. I love the chilly weather, the rain, the fog, the changing leaves, everything about autumn. Apart from that my mood can rapidly sink into the cellar a second after I was happy as a fish in the sea. But apart from that this is my season. So in anticipation of the coming weeks I decided to make this a bit more autum-ish.

Autumn love

I really like the Pixel Dreams Sim, my friend Cale has shown me. I featured it already before and i love all those wheat fields giving it an autumn farm feeling with so many different spots to make lovely pictures, with animals, plants, buildings, it is just beautiful. It’s totally worth a look.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Heartsick – Enchant – Illusion : Twisted Three (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Exodi – Zbilja Spirit (Golden Rod)
Hair: MINA – Thulani – Copper Sunset
Top: SYSY’s – Sam Vest Combinations – baseshirt Brown
Vest: SYSY’s – Sam vest Combinations – vest Moccha
Pants: BOOM – Gettin’ Low Jean khaki
Bracelets: Yak & Yeti – “Devdas” Indian Glass Bangle Set * red/gold
Earrings & Necklace: lassitude & ennui – Oreb Set (Witch Hunt Gift)
Pose & Pumpkin: !BANG – Hold the Pumpkin (Witch Hunt Gift)