I do not know if you know the feeling that when you look around, hear music, talk with people you feel like you are out of time. Not from now, you are born in the wrong century? Well sometimes I have that. I sometimes think I should have been there in the 18th Century… in the 60’s… maybe I have been in a former life, who knows. But I know that if I would be transported back right now I would miss a lot from these days, as great the old days might have been.

So as soon as I snap out of it, I enjoy my time here, but that does not stop me from dreaming about them, and to make pictures that would fit into old days. When I saw this hair from Ina Centaur I thought it’s nothing ordinary, it’s unique and invites me to dream. I really like the little details, the leaves and flowers in the hair, the texturechangeable shroud to protect from cold winds and a smile comes over my face when i see those little pelicans in the front and the back with their own little blankets covering them. A beautiful detail is the long chain interweaving with the hair and the flowers between the pelicans carrying this oldfashioned pocket watch.

Out of time

It’s a beautiful creative piece that you can get at the Hair Fair and 100% of its proceeds will go to Wigs for Kids. Not only for that cause I gladly feel out of time. 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Heartsick – Bliss – Pure Morning
Eyes: Exodi – Zbilja Spirit (Crystal Blue)
Hair: iC Hair – Ina Centaur – Out of Time – Dusk Red (Hair Fair 100% Donation Style – Direct TP to the HF Booth)
Coat: Sn@tch – Nutcracker Coat (Teal)
Pose: agapee – free12(basic pose)
Location: Outside of “Show me on the Doll” Mainstore