“It is not quite there, but on the way.
The days are grayer and chiller,
the nights become too cold
to leave the window open for fresh air.
The tree’s leaves begin to change colors.
It’s not quite there, but it’s coming

I have to say that I am an autumn and winter child although I have been born in summer. I cannot stand the heat but I love it chilly, cool, colorful and rainy in autumn, sparkling white and snowing in winter. I really love it, I do. But right now I’m having a cold myself and would LOVE to have some more summer days 😉

Well but nobody can stop the circle of seasons and since it it September we had to expect that it’s getting colder now. But that also means that we can snuggle and cuddle into our warm blankets with some hot tea or chocolate or whatever you drink and watch the drops of rain running down the window’s glass, I really like that. The sound of rain… the smell before, during and after..

And, I really like those sweaters with loooong arms that are way too thick in summer. And one of those that is for the time between warm and really cold I’ve got in the Product Sample box from fri.day on the hair fair. See?

It's not quite there, but it's coming... Autumn

It actually has also a hood but i wanted to show off the hair so i am not wearing it. But it’s lovely for autumn and I really like that color, even that I am more into earthy shades it’s nice.

What am I wearing and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (Old Group gift)
Hair: Magika – Carla (Hair Fair Freebie – Direct TP to Magika on the fair)
Top: fri.day – Henley Hoodie Seafoam (Hair Fair Freebie – Direct TP to fri.day on the fair)
Pants: fri.day – Low-Rise Jeans (Midnight) (Good Shit Hunt Gift)
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Ultimate Miche – Turquoise & Green
Pose: exposeur – Poof! 7
Location: Pixel Mode : T Town