So I had my brave day today. I am having a very hard time IMing people and being around people I don’t know, I think I mentioned panicking when i am close to strangers before… Well today I IMed strangers, saw strangers, listened to stranger’s discussions and I was among them. And I cannot believe it but … I am still alive πŸ˜›

The biggest mass of people I think i faced today during the Hair Fair. I actually wanted to wait a bit longer until it is more quiet but since I had my brave day and was terribly bored I jumped into the flood of people tonight. And of course as expected it was pretty laggy. But that was not only because of the prims around or the amount of people. No, of course not.

But who the heck dresses in a million prim outfit, wears a million prim Hair with scripts all over the items to a fair that expectedly will by laggy as hell? Well I could have shown You a few hundred of them. I was happy for my Derendering feature and was happily making people invisible and pretending the fair was made only for me – Mwhaha. And I was there without a single prim myself and still looking dashing *lol*

Rocking the Hair Fair with ARC 1

Before I went i was even bold but then found those cool shaved hairbases from boon for free and had to throw it on. Looks much nicer that way. And I was really lucky that the lovely Kesseret Steeplechase let me test her brand new Scratcher HUD (yay finally scratching for prices in SL *dance*) because I won this cute Top πŸ˜€

Rocking the Hair Fair with ARC 1

In case that you did never hear about ARC and stuff and wonder what the heck I am talking about here a short explanation. ARC is short for Avatar Rendering Cost. Each prim, flexi prim, script and what not you wear goes with some formula into that cost. And the higher the worse for laggy situations. Each prim you wear adds more to the lag, because it has to be rendered by everyone around, the textures have to be loaded, the sculpts have to be loaded etc. So when you go to a fair or a concert or anything where you know you will be caught in lag – strip off your prims, go bald, barefoot.. you do not have to be naked, your layer clothes are not going into that cost obviously – the outfit i am wearing has an ARC of 1 – and the 1 is the avatar itself.

Help the fair and the visitors, also yourself and go lag free, no matter how that looks you can enjoy the fair much better without rubberbanding and crashing all the time πŸ™‚

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess
Hairbase: booN – vine shaved hair base red (Hair Fair Freebie – Direct TP to their booth)
Top: MIAO – Katerina Tank – Yellow
Pants: WoE – Graecyn Capri
Background: GLITTERATI – Sci-fi hallway
Pose: Del May – Kiss my hand #2