Since I’ve gotten this Avatar ages ago, i wanted to do a picture with it, but never got into the right mood nor found a good place. Ever since then i got constant reminders of the picture i wanted to take. Be it in seeing other Na’Vis or getting items that were just perfect for this picture but still no idea of a place. Now i found one but since there was no building allowed i could not do what i wanted, so i changed it a bit and will use the item for a different picture later on 🙂

I have to say that i liked the movie AVATAR. But it was rather the landscapes, the settings, the culture.. the fighting and action scenes were so not mine and could have easily lived without those *chuckles*

The location is Pandora at Fruit Islands and is a really beautiful nature sim inspired by Pandora, it even has those shrink plants that vanish inside the ground when you collide with them. Sadly many of my pictures turned out just black when i opened them today, but this one was still there so i am sharing it with you 🙂

What did I use and were can you get it?
Full Avatar (apart from Hair): hO wEAr – Kei’mah
Hair: *Tasha Rasta* Hair – found on XStreet from Paige Matwes
Pose: .oOo Studio – rockstar freebie