Autumn’s breeze on my skin – Blogger Challenge

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Okay, this week’s challenge has been something I thought about joining or not, but then I thought ‘why not, it sounds fun’. The Theme is “NUFFIN’ BUT MY HAIR, SKIN & SHOES!” I have to say, that I forgot my shoes (or prim feet), so you have to live with me, my skin and my hair *lol*

I made the picture in my favourite sim alirium, just to notice afterwards, that it is a PG sim, oops. Good that nobody was around, but I should really pay more attention to those ratings, if I ever want to sit around naked again.

This theme came perfectly timed with the new release of Exodi’s Isolde 2 skins. You maybe remember how I blogged the release of Isolde, and they have new make up choices now, love them. Ryker did a great job on them. I love especially the faces but I love the body as well. Plus they have new eyes too, which I had to wear, they are so pretty. 🙂

Autumn's breeze on my skin - Blogger Challenge

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Vivante – 23 (Lt/C)
Eyes: Exodi – Spiritus Eyes – Brown (Lg/V)
Tattoo: Garden of Ku – Wired Garden 2.0 faded
Hair: TRUTH – Kelsey – blood
Pose: Diesel Works – Sundari Og 9


Way too long …

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I wanted to do this fun post for some while already but never got into the mood. But today, I feel exactly like it is helpful to know how my poor little avatar feels while doing the picture *lol*

I changed my sleeping patterns recently so I get a bit of the day instead of just the nights and last night I got stuck in a conversation with a friend and stayed up way too long. Afterwards I just crashed in my bed and now.. oi oi.

Way too long ...

See I did not even get to remove my make up before fell asleep. Where is my tea now? Need to wake up.. *yawns*

A big thank you goes to Nimil Blackflag for the messy make up layer. I had been looking all over SL and did not find anything that was how I wanted it and she magically made me one 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Vivante – 33 (Lt/C)
Messy Makeup: Nimil Blackflag
Eyes: Exodi – Spiritus Eyes – Brown (Lg/V)
Hair: IrEn – Out of bed
Bathrobe: Weirdiculous – Desperate House Wife Costume
Pose: dollipops – mercedes. (right arm changed through built in coffee pot pose)
Location: “The infinite kitchen” Store

The Coffee Cup is a quickly hammered thing I made half asleep as i am, certainly no credits for that one lol

There once was a paradise called: alirium – Blogger Challenge

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So as in the last weeks I am going to join the Blogger Challenge. This week’s theme is “It’s All In The Background!” For this theme we were supposed to show you our favorite “Backgrounds”, might it be a sim, a wallpaper, our home, our club anything that we love to use as background and then match our outfit to it.

My favourite place in the whole of Second Life has changed recently from ‘My home’ to this paradise called “Alirium”, since my best friend has shown it to me. I would live there if I could, seriously. It has so many breathtaking spots, but I am going to show only one of them, to not give you an overkill. But the true beauty can be seen only when you visit it yourself.

There once was a paradise called: alirium - Blogger Challenge

As you can see I really tried to keep the center of attention to the background since that was the subject, but there at the side is me and so I keep it at least a little “fashionable” *grins*

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Dulce Secrets – Nivea Bordeaux Skin Natural
Hair: LollipopZ – Heartless
Top: MIAO – Luna Emerald Blouse
Pants: fri.day – Low Rise Jeans (Midnight)
Shoes: SKIFIJA – Secrets of Isis
Jewelry: chuchulet – belle jewelry set – noir
Pose: agapee – Free_f48

Autumn Love

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So today it is here, the last day of summer. I know that almost everyone of us felt the last weeks like it would be already gone but today it’s official. And tomorrow autum starts. So confession time, if you did not know it already.

I LOVE Autumn well and winter, but until then it is still a bit. I love the chilly weather, the rain, the fog, the changing leaves, everything about autumn. Apart from that my mood can rapidly sink into the cellar a second after I was happy as a fish in the sea. But apart from that this is my season. So in anticipation of the coming weeks I decided to make this a bit more autum-ish.

Autumn love

I really like the Pixel Dreams Sim, my friend Cale has shown me. I featured it already before and i love all those wheat fields giving it an autumn farm feeling with so many different spots to make lovely pictures, with animals, plants, buildings, it is just beautiful. It’s totally worth a look.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Heartsick – Enchant – Illusion : Twisted Three (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Eyes: Exodi – Zbilja Spirit (Golden Rod)
Hair: MINA – Thulani – Copper Sunset
Top: SYSY’s – Sam Vest Combinations – baseshirt Brown
Vest: SYSY’s – Sam vest Combinations – vest Moccha
Pants: BOOM – Gettin’ Low Jean khaki
Bracelets: Yak & Yeti – “Devdas” Indian Glass Bangle Set * red/gold
Earrings & Necklace: lassitude & ennui – Oreb Set (Witch Hunt Gift)
Pose & Pumpkin: !BANG – Hold the Pumpkin (Witch Hunt Gift)

Taste the Rainbow – Blogger Challenge

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So this week we have another blogger challenge. This week it is “Crazy and wild” so I did something I wanted to do for a while, but since I knew this topic will come up I kept it until now.

It began when I drove around in my City and saw a very colorful house. The walls in several colors, each window and door frame in a different color as well and it so reminded me of a rainbow and although it’s not my normal style i wanted to make a picture with it. So yay this is the time.

Taste The Rainbow - Blogger challenge

See a dark and a bright rainbow mixed together so it is not TOO much overkill for the eyes haha. I can certainly say that I had lots of fun doing this.

Oh and this is my 50ths Blogpost, happy anniversary to me and thanks to everyone who takes the time to come along and read it 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: CStar – PinkHunt Skin *2010 Edition* – Pale
Hair: BC322 – Star fest Pink(A)
Glittertattoo: the oBscene – glitters to wear
Top: LoveLace – Creme – Rainbow/Black
Skirt: Ducknipple – Rainbowskirt
Socks: Wildz Creations – Rainbows Galore socks
Boots: Sn@tch – Platform Gooshers (Grape)
Gloves: Burnt Orange – Rainbow Bandages
Pose: exposeur – Silly Girl 5

She made me a vest fan O.O

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Today a dear friend of mine, Dezi Jarvinen from Staged, has her birthday. And for that she’s going to have a new release and I am so happy that I was able to see them before *bounces* First of all of course, Happy Birthday Dezi may the sun shine on your ways to go, especially long one you’ll have to go soon. *hugs*

She made me a vest fan O.O

So the new release is or rather are a bunch of very cool vests. I did not wear them often, in RL I had two vests i wore a couple of time, and one leather vest in my rockabilly time but apart from that one, I don’t think I have any left. But those ones here, I really love them.

She made me a vest fan O.O

Look at all those details and different patterns. The shading is just perfect and I don’t really want to get out of them again. And in SL different to RL I love to wear them without a shirt. Don’t ask me why but I love the look 🙂

She made me a vest fan O.O

Dezi is releasing them today and for her Birthday she will have a pack of two extra vests for only 15L$, so you can all celebrate with her. Though I could really fatpack those. lol

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: Heartsick – Enchant – Illusion – Twisted 2 (Twisted Hunt Prize)
Hair: RezIpsa Loc – Eliza – Dusk, Green (Hair Fair Gift)
Tattoos: !bang – music is my soul
Para Designs – SnakeBite Black Light
Jeans: Fri.day – Low Rise Jeans (Midnight)
Vest 1: Staged – Geek Vest Brown Tone
Vest 2: Staged – Vintage Vest Brown
Vest 3: Staged – Modern Stripe Vest Grey
Bracelets:LOULOU&CO – Bracelets – SUMMER – green
Poses: Integrated in the Swing at WEiRD DESiGNS Mainstore
Location: WEiRD DESiGNS Mainstore


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A bunch of weeks ago, when my dear friend SySy told me that her cousin joined Second Life we did not even imagine that not even 3 months later she will open her own shop. When I then heard that she never touched Photoshop before and heard she made her first shirt I smiled and thought about how my first try of clothing looked liked but Ayla totally amazed me.


Her first shirt was apart from very dark shadows absolutely awesome i could not believe she made it in such a short time, while SySy and me remebered how long we took to even learn how to make shadows and highlights on our stuff *laughs*


So, Ayla had her Birthday last week and SySy gifted her a little space next to her shop so she could sell her awesome creations. You should come along and take a look, I see her already having fangirls around, but no wonder since she is really talented. Oh and look at these, I blushed so hard when she dropped those on me, because they are named after me 😀


Her mix of livid colors and different patterns is really great work, I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see more 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape & Eyes: Mine
Skin: 1st & 2nd Picture: Belleza – Elle
3rd Picture: CStar – Miss September
Hair: Exile – Maren
Tattoos: 1st & 2nd Picture: I ❤ Rien – Natural Girl (no shop)
All Pictures: !BANG – music is my soul
Nails: Candy Nail – GACHA Toy Nails Orange (including Rings)
Top 1: Ayla’s – Ruffle Top Brown
Top 2: Ayla’s – Yara Top Purple
Top 3: Ayla’s – Chandni Orange
Pants: COCO – Shiny Leggings
Boots: ISPACHI – Brutal Boots (Unisex) Texture Changeable
Poses: First Picture: Endless Dreams – Kawaii Pose 1 (Kawaii Hunt)
Second Picture: !BANG – Long Skirt Love 6
Third Picture: Olive Juice – The White Queen

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