Since I was a little girl I was a night owl. I always was more active at night and had big trouble to get out in the morning and during the day I was not really productive. But as soon as it got dark outside it was as if I came to life. No wonder I am doing this blogpost at 1:30 in the night, right? *laughs*

When Alysha Rennahan had the idea of weekly blogger challenges I liked the idea and thought that I might take a couple of them with me on the way. This week the theme is “Oldies but Goodies” and we have to use items that are one year old or older. After I recently cleaned out my inventory that was not as easy as I thought, BUT I found something that is the reason I told you about my not so secret life as night-owl.

Most of the shops from where I got the items are still in business, they might even still have those items, but I can tell you that I got them ages ago *grins* The hair I got in a hunt of the hair shop “Curl up and Dye” when it still was called “Inari”. The outfit is from Barerose. The skin is the skin I have been wearing 3 years without changing it once – apart from costumes for parties that brought their own shapes – and comes from the closed down shop by Max and the eyes are those I made shortly after I started SL. As soon as I had 10 Lindens I used them to get those eyes uploaded and they are still my eyes because i love them so very much – Same with the shape btw. It is the same I made myself years ago, only slight numbers changed over the time until it looked like now. 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it, if your’re lucky?
Shape: Mine
Skin: by Max – Horizon Series Porcelain Deep Red Skin (Closed down)
Hair: Curl up and Dye – Melanie – Sand
Outfit: Barerose – W.P. Daydream
Pose: AO Pose-Sequence from Oracul