A not so long time ago, there was a little panda. It was an itty bitty tiny one that would have to fall down on its butt to be able to look up to his human friends. But the panda did not mind because it liked its human friends.

It lived in a place named Pink Fuel, that was how its human friend called it. Always so many new people all day long and they passed and would smile and maybe even pat the panda’s head. But it was time. Our panda wanted to visit the land where all those other big pandas were. But actually it did not want to visit the pandas, no, it heard about a huge wall that people can see from the stars and for a long time our panda dreamed of the day when it can stand on this wall and wave up to the people in the stars. So one day our itty bitty panda left and after many many days it was in a colorful strange land called Japan, because the pilot of the strange flying thing dropped the little panda in the wrong land.

The itty bitty panda heard that the wall would be very far and too far to walk there on the itty bitty panda paws. But the strange vehicles its human friends used were way too big for the little panda. And it did not know the way, so how to find the big wall to fulfill its dream?

While our itty bitty panda was walking through the colorful town and asked many of the little people – which it did not know where statues – for the way and nobody answered. Then suddenly it heard a strange noise, a purring and meowing sound.

A little family of deep black cats was standing at the city gates and sharing their meal. And told the itty bitty tiny panda that they knew where to find the wall. And together there would be strong enough to bring it there, because they could run way faster than the little panda and were not too big to ride on them.

The little panda was so happy that it agreed, on asking why they would help the cats only said that they see when a dream is genuine and from all the heart and it touched them so deeply that they wanted to fulfill it to see the panda smile. The itty bitty tiny panda hugged the little cats and thanked them with tears of joy in its eyes and the big cat carried the panda on the back while the little cats helped with the legs and fast as the wind they were on their way.

It happened all so fast that the itty bitty tiny panda did not realize how fast it was, the landscape flew past them and still a long time after, the astonished and gleaming eyes of the panda were glued to the huge wall it was standing on. It thanked its new friends who meowed happily while the itty bitty panda was looking up into the sky, waving its itty bitty tiny arms so everyone looking down from the starts to the huge Wall could see the happy shining eyes of the itty bitty tiny panda whose dream came true.

How to be a panda and to follow its way:
Tiny Panda: Pink Fuel – Tiny Panda full avatar (10 L – on the desk)
Locations Japan Kanto – First and Second Picture
China Sichuan – Great Wall of China – Third Picture