Alright last night I was pretty bored. While browsing through Feeds and Blogs I noticed, that I totally forgot about the Platinum hunt and in just a few moments my boredom was gone. Hopping through stores I barely knew or never heard of is great if you have nothing to do. So I was grabbing a few of the prizes and were looking through them afterwards, and I have to say that it is totally worth it to pay 10 L$ per item, I’d pay much more for that quality.

So while looking through the things I got, I found myself in a mix of a couple of them because I was too lazy to take them off before I did not want to wear a new one and what I saw, I kinda liked. (The Leggins, Gloves and Shoes come with a top as well, but I mixed it with a different top I was wearing before). So this post was born *grins*

The sim that sprung into my mind was one of those i discovered recently on my Flickr-Location Tour and it was really great for those pics. It’s a dark Scifi Roleplay sim named The next day, City of Doom. What I really love about it is that you really feel like being in that dark futuristic time AND you do not have to wear an observer titler (I hate those things) because the rules dictate “If you do not wear the title [from the combat system] you are seen as non existent to role play”. So as long as you do not wear a titler you can wander around without being dragged into play and can look around, observe, make pictures and so on.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Mynerva – Platinum Blue Lips Black Eyeband (Platinum Hunt – comes with blue and red lips, with blue or black or no eyeband)
Eyes: Mynerva – SoulHeart Eyes – Ceruleana (Platinum Hunt)
Hair: ploom – Dot – Grape (Platinum Hunt – comes in several colors fatpack)
Ears: Mynerva – Drow Ear (Platinum Hunt)
Top: Just Me – Hailey Top Black Stripes (Platinum Hunt)
Leggins: Plastik – Platinum Hunt
Shoes: Plastik – Platinum Hunt
Gloves: Plastik – Platinum Hunt
Necklace: Acid & Mala – Messed Memory Wire Set (comes with earrings but they interfered with the ears) (Platinum Hunt)
Poses: First Picture: dollipops – * i’ve got it.
Second Picture: Honey and Vinegar – My Delirium