Alright, today I did not want to blog actually BUT … yes we all know those buts that make us do things we wanted to pause with for at least a day, right? πŸ™‚ This time my male best friend Cale showed me his new stuff. Since it is always hard for men to find good things – I listen to him all the time about it – it is always a fest when he shares new things. So he told me about the shop and I remembered I have been there already, ages and ages ago. So we decided to take a short trip to INDI. And yes.. I could not leave without buying something new.

I remember INDI being a small shop in the beginning and how they expanded to a floor story building. But uhm yeah now they have a full sim, great men and women clothing (both in many many options per pack), hair and awesome sculpted shoes. Jamie, the owner, I heard from my friend, does all the sculpts herself I think including texturing, using different programs for those processes. And I have seen her shoes on his feet, wow they look so real. It is definitely worth a look to check out her items.

But enough of my new hero in clothing-creation *laughs* When I got this new outfit, Cale already knew I had to make a picture with it, and the name ‘Strawberry Kisses’ does come from him, just by the way. So I was looking for a sim to make pictures and thanks to my awesoms Plurk friends, I found some great places. One of them was Magic of Oz and the adjacent Ozimals Sim. As soon as I saw the strawberry houses (you can see behind me) on Ozimals I knew this is what I need πŸ™‚

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (old group gift)
Outfit: INDI – Brenda (silver/red) – showing only one of many options
Hair: INDI – Arizona
Tattoo: I ❀ Rien – Natural Girl (Currently no store)
Pose: exposeur – Shameless Flirt 2