Yesterday I have shown you a couple of items I got at the Gatcha Festival, and I promised you also to show more – so here I am.

But that is not all. Last night I also visited the “Summer of Love” Fair. I have to admit that I did not know what it is about and I was surprised. I have heard that there is a little hunt – quite a few sculpted question marks are standing around and when you touch/buy (depending on the question mark) you will not only get an item but also notecards about lots of mental disorders like eating disorders, Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Gender identity disorder, Anxiety and much more.

It is very informative and I am really impressed by all the information that has been collected to raise awareness for those issues that are all around us or in us, but rarely someone talks about them seriously because of shame, tabu or simply not knowing what it is. Being affected myself I was taking all the notecard with me to learn more and i’m still not done reading. I can only recommend to take the time.

But of course there is not only reading there is also … shopping – correct. So I got things during the hunt and I treated myself with some shopping as well and so I will show you more gatcha and Summer of Love Goodies 🙂

While I was looking through the stuff I got in the last days I got an idea. Something we call “Urlaub auf Balkonien” in Germany, roughly translated “Vacation on Balconia” (Balconia for balcony) I think it would staycation in English. And I was looking around in SL for a sim with some big city flair like I knew it from home, that has building permissions to set out my stuff haha – easy? Nope but I did it, this is Urban Ghetto -Slum City. And here we are, since I cannot go anywhere – my Vacation on Balconia…

What I used and where you can get it:
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Soleil (Group Gift)
Hair: ploom – Christy (Summer of Love Item)
Bikini: artilleri – Gatcha! Gatcha bikini *seafoam* – Gatcha Prize
Tattoo: moloko – Summer of Love Tattoo (comes in strong, medium and soft in one pack – this is soft version)
Bracelets: BUKKA color bracelet white (Lucky Chair Prize)
Sunglasses: VIRTUAL INSANITY – IHVD Glasses (Papilloma edt.) (Summer of Love Hunt Prize)
Towel with Accessories (including the pose): artilleri Gatcha! Summertime beach towel *seafoam* – Gatcha Prize
Radio: artilleri – Radio – Rare Gatcha Prize