So, yesterday I was – like half of the grid I assume – at the Gatcha Festival. I thought I’d stay a couple of minutes, take a short peek and then hide again on my land. Well.. thought is the magic word.

Actually when I teleported in and saw that my good friend SySy was just tping in as well, i knew that the idea was doomed, and I was right. I think we have been close to two hours and spent tons of money for stuff we found cute and wanted and was silly enough to get and had TONS of fun.

I can honestly say that I never had so much fun while being surrounded by so many people. I got so much stuff I will show you, but not all at once, a little bit of what I got you will see in today’s post πŸ™‚

I cannot explain why, but i had the urge to go pink – I never do that, I do not like pink personally but I wanted this time – must be a phase. So I grabbed my skateboard i got from one of the Gatcha Machines and turned into a Pink Bubblegum Skater πŸ™‚

First I had some problems to stay on the board and almost fell…

But not long after I was surprised that i could do tricks – wohooo!

And just because this is another great make-up I’ll show you a closeup of this lovely face, glad i did not get hurt while skating or it might show some bruises now.

What I used and where you can get it:
Shape: Mine
Skin: Staged – Judy Plasma Gun (January Group Gift)
Hair: Laqroki – Camellia (Platinum – tinted)
Top: artilleri – Gatcha! Gatcha bikini *seafoam* – – Gatcha Prize
Pants: Barerose – Tokyo Calling
Shoes: Duh! – Color Change “Brights” Sneakers
Tattoo: actchio – ladyskulls tattoo (unisex) (Good Shit Hunt Prize)
Area Code – Impossible is nothing
Headphones: duboo – vitamin headphone [sp:star] – Gatcha Prize
Bracelets LOULOU&CO – Bracelets :: SUMMER :: green
Poses: First Picture: No Strings Attached – Skater (NotSoPro) 05 – Gatcha Prize
Second Picture: No Strings Attached – Skater (Pro) 01 – Gatcha Prize
Third Picture: HopScotch – Pose me 4 – 1