Today after finishing the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt and looking through the hairs i kinda – don’t ask me why – felt like doing something Sci-Fi and Fantasy like. So i remembered that great avatar i have but was all bummed when i did not find it anywhere on XStreet again, because i want to show things you can still get.

But oh joy, following the creator’s profile i found out that it is under a new label and still available, so hooray i was able to use it for the first time in over a year. Now since that was a full avatar i did not need to get more stuff but.. where to go?

Thankfully my good friend Niko Paolino had a name of a sim and when i went there my first and only thought (verbally expressed and causing him to laugh about it) was “Holy moses”. Insilico is a HUGE Sci-Fi futuristic sim with skyscrapers, flying objects, neon advertisment and much more that was exactly what i was looking for. You really should visit it when you find the time.

And this Final Fantasy Avatar has a really cool sculpted face that comes with the hair. It blinks, and has to options ‘normal’ and ‘smiling’ – this is the smiling one. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

What I used and where you can get it:
Full Avatar: Rokeden Sculpted Avatars – Final Fantasy Shiva Avatar (Shape, Skin, Clothes, Hair (flexi and sculpted both with sculpted face), AO, Effects HUD )
Poses: First Picture: [LAP] – WG-The Sasy PR4
Second Picture: Amacci – Amacci_Female_H1