Today was one of those days when i needed distraction. Usually i am not really girl like when it comes to that. The girl friends i know go for a shopping tour or eat ice cream – i usually watch some movies, preferably those without brain requirements. But today was different, i actually left my hermit land and went out to shop.

Well i wanted to get some shoes i have seen on the feet of a friend but the shop’s mainstore was not accessible (the whole continent was down, way to go) so i went into a satellite store. Well of course they did not have the shoes i wanted so i looked around in the next section and oh my heart started to sing it was the Discount Second of another store.

After having a short chat with the owner – and her thankfully correcting a pricing error so i could get lovely new ballerinas I’ll show off in another post – i looked around a bit more and fell in love with a beautiful dark emerald dress on a wall just 20 meters in front of me.

It did not take another second before i bought it not even caring about the price *lol* but it was alright, not too much and so pretty. As soon as i went home i slipped into it and i knew i had to show it to you and i knew exactly how i wanted to have it.

Isn’t this dress a dream?

And i am super happy i remembered this Skin i got from Dezi Jarvinen (the owner of Staged) because it fits quite nice into the view. And because it’s so beautiful here a closer look of the face with this special and very creative make up.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Staged – Judy Masked *Teal*
Hair: – Allison – Jealous Red
Tattoo: GrungeInk – Ivy Tattoo
Dress: Phoenix Rising – Ruby’s Fire (Emerald)
Necklace & Bracelet: SYSY’s Mignon Pearl sets (Turned the necklace so the front is back and sadly those are unreleased but if you nag SySy long enough she maybe will release them somewhen *lol)
Earrings: HopScotch – Part of “Tears of Venus” Set
Poses: First Picture: Sugar Mill – Coy (slightly adjusted by me – sadly no inworld location anymore)
Second Picture: Amacci – Amacci_Female_H1