Alright after today’s earlier blogpost i met my dear friend SySy Chapman inworld and she was (i quote) “digging” my punk appearance. I can tell you that i won’t stay like that forever BUT i want to realize an idea of her’s she laughingly proclaimed.

And whilte preparing that i had to think of something my little RL sister said on her 6th birthday. Of course she said it in German so it would not make sense to many of you, but because i am so nice, i’ll roughly translate it. Hold in your thoughts that she had a theme party and was there as a cute little princess in a fluffy pink dress – something that did not fit to the rest of her behavior. So she was standing there in the middle of the room and pushed her little fits into her hips and said “Why are you not dancing. You have to dance, because this is my party and I’m the bloody princess.”

Funny enough that something very similar came back into my life through people on Plurk and Second Life and now it comes back again through SySy. So, doll, here it is and don’t say i did not warn you *lol* For this post i visited the Louis XV Rococo Ballroom because i knew it would be lovely pinkish as well.

And because every princess likes to dance, even the fucking ones, i could not resist to show off this awesome movement of Evie’s Gown while i was dancing. I could have danced all night…

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Stephanie (Harlow) – London Bound (old group gift)
Hair: BLACK MARIA – Ruby Red
Tattoo: Garden of Ku – The Wired Garden (Body)
[Stellar] Mystic Skull Tattoo (Head)
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Ophelia Gown – Cotton Candy
Armband, Piercings & Cigarette: Virtual Insanity – Addiction Hunt Gift
Collar: *Dreams* CuppyCake Buckle Collar
Earrings: (census) -earring- Ancient brothel token
Tiara: Lusty Fashion – Part of the “Ashira Harem Outfit”
Poses: exposeur – Top Model – McKey1 – First Picture