Last night while i was digging through my “to sort” folder, which still is too big because i got distracted, i found some things i did not take a closer look at. Some of them are Hunt gifts, others I found by accident while camming around waiting for a lucky board to show my letter.

As soon as i found the facial piercings (the shadows are already included btw) i had this grungy, punky look in front of my inner eye and started to build it with a couple of more things i had in my inventory, only one thing i had to buy but i did that gladly.

Now ready and dressed i wondered where to go and i remembered a spot i have seen on my alt. It is right to a shop where one can get the awesome “Simbolic Translator” so i hopped over and saw that the burning taxi was still there where I … i mean someone drove it against the tree.

I decided to stay and wait for the officers to tell that someone unknown did that but.. well they didn’t come, so i could not say that i did not do it. But who knows if they would have believed me anyway.

But who can think that those eyes lie?

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil ā€“ Pretty, Pretty Princess (old group gift)
Hair: BLACK MARIA – RIUS Black/Red
Tattoo: Garden of Ku – The Wired Garden (Body)
[Stellar] Mystic Skull Tattoo (Head)
Piercing: Virtual Insanity – Addiction Hunt Gift
Outfit: WoE – Graecyn Capri & Trinity Ribbed Tank (Addiction Hunt Gift)
Suspenders: Strayer – YR-Suspenders (I found those on XStreet though)
Shoes: Duh! – Women’s Sneaker Boots – Dirty Brown
Armband: Virtual Insanity – Addiction Hunt Gift
Poses: DARE – Is she coming soon? (Pro Posers Male Hunt Gift) – First picture
exposeur – Twist – Second Picture