Oooh, Baby, Baby – it’s like a dream

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I know i know i have been posting already today, but i could not hold back this one. The lovely Auguste Finistair, owner of Shades of October, asked on plurk earlier if any blogger would like to have her new special dress and it is sooo cute that i couldn’t hold back. And i didn’t get dissapointed.

The colors are just beautiful in a green and turquoise shade diamonds pattern, multilayer babydoll skirt and it comes on all layers. Oh and look at this cute little bow in the front, i love those details that add the icing on the cake 🙂

It will only be available tomorrow August the 1st and only on XStreetSL, get ready and don’t miss to hit her item list when it’s time 🙂

As soon as i slipped into it i knew where i want to go for a pretty picture. I encountered this place on one of the former hunts and it’s right in front of Nushru’s Mainstore, all glowy and dreamy. I knew that one day I can use this for a picture 🙂

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (old group gift)
Dress: Shades of October – Oooh, Baby, Baby: Turquoise (Only Available August 1st only on XStreetSL
Hair: Posh – Morning After (From the Rumor Exclusive Jump Gift Pack)
Shoes: Baby Monkey – BM Ultimate Miche – Turquoise & Green
Tattoo: I ❤ Rien – Natural Girl (Currently no store)
nestle my bosom – henna tattoo (hands and lower forearms) (Dollarbie at Rumor)
Anklet: Dustarrz – Gem Anklet (Summer of Love Fair Item)
Pose: exposeur – I ❤ The 80’s 10


Have you gat’cha Summer of Love fix?

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Yesterday I have shown you a couple of items I got at the Gatcha Festival, and I promised you also to show more – so here I am.

But that is not all. Last night I also visited the “Summer of Love” Fair. I have to admit that I did not know what it is about and I was surprised. I have heard that there is a little hunt – quite a few sculpted question marks are standing around and when you touch/buy (depending on the question mark) you will not only get an item but also notecards about lots of mental disorders like eating disorders, Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Gender identity disorder, Anxiety and much more.

It is very informative and I am really impressed by all the information that has been collected to raise awareness for those issues that are all around us or in us, but rarely someone talks about them seriously because of shame, tabu or simply not knowing what it is. Being affected myself I was taking all the notecard with me to learn more and i’m still not done reading. I can only recommend to take the time.

But of course there is not only reading there is also … shopping – correct. So I got things during the hunt and I treated myself with some shopping as well and so I will show you more gatcha and Summer of Love Goodies 🙂

While I was looking through the stuff I got in the last days I got an idea. Something we call “Urlaub auf Balkonien” in Germany, roughly translated “Vacation on Balconia” (Balconia for balcony) I think it would staycation in English. And I was looking around in SL for a sim with some big city flair like I knew it from home, that has building permissions to set out my stuff haha – easy? Nope but I did it, this is Urban Ghetto -Slum City. And here we are, since I cannot go anywhere – my Vacation on Balconia…

What I used and where you can get it:
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Isolde Soleil (Group Gift)
Hair: ploom – Christy (Summer of Love Item)
Bikini: artilleri – Gatcha! Gatcha bikini *seafoam* – Gatcha Prize
Tattoo: moloko – Summer of Love Tattoo (comes in strong, medium and soft in one pack – this is soft version)
Bracelets: BUKKA color bracelet white (Lucky Chair Prize)
Sunglasses: VIRTUAL INSANITY – IHVD Glasses (Papilloma edt.) (Summer of Love Hunt Prize)
Towel with Accessories (including the pose): artilleri Gatcha! Summertime beach towel *seafoam* – Gatcha Prize
Radio: artilleri – Radio – Rare Gatcha Prize

Gatcha Bubblegum Skater

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So, yesterday I was – like half of the grid I assume – at the Gatcha Festival. I thought I’d stay a couple of minutes, take a short peek and then hide again on my land. Well.. thought is the magic word.

Actually when I teleported in and saw that my good friend SySy was just tping in as well, i knew that the idea was doomed, and I was right. I think we have been close to two hours and spent tons of money for stuff we found cute and wanted and was silly enough to get and had TONS of fun.

I can honestly say that I never had so much fun while being surrounded by so many people. I got so much stuff I will show you, but not all at once, a little bit of what I got you will see in today’s post 🙂

I cannot explain why, but i had the urge to go pink – I never do that, I do not like pink personally but I wanted this time – must be a phase. So I grabbed my skateboard i got from one of the Gatcha Machines and turned into a Pink Bubblegum Skater 🙂

First I had some problems to stay on the board and almost fell…

But not long after I was surprised that i could do tricks – wohooo!

And just because this is another great make-up I’ll show you a closeup of this lovely face, glad i did not get hurt while skating or it might show some bruises now.

What I used and where you can get it:
Shape: Mine
Skin: Staged – Judy Plasma Gun (January Group Gift)
Hair: Laqroki – Camellia (Platinum – tinted)
Top: artilleri – Gatcha! Gatcha bikini *seafoam* – – Gatcha Prize
Pants: Barerose – Tokyo Calling
Shoes: Duh! – Color Change “Brights” Sneakers
Tattoo: actchio – ladyskulls tattoo (unisex) (Good Shit Hunt Prize)
Area Code – Impossible is nothing
Headphones: duboo – vitamin headphone [sp:star] – Gatcha Prize
Bracelets LOULOU&CO – Bracelets :: SUMMER :: green
Poses: First Picture: No Strings Attached – Skater (NotSoPro) 05 – Gatcha Prize
Second Picture: No Strings Attached – Skater (Pro) 01 – Gatcha Prize
Third Picture: HopScotch – Pose me 4 – 1

Back to the future

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Today after finishing the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt and looking through the hairs i kinda – don’t ask me why – felt like doing something Sci-Fi and Fantasy like. So i remembered that great avatar i have but was all bummed when i did not find it anywhere on XStreet again, because i want to show things you can still get.

But oh joy, following the creator’s profile i found out that it is under a new label and still available, so hooray i was able to use it for the first time in over a year. Now since that was a full avatar i did not need to get more stuff but.. where to go?

Thankfully my good friend Niko Paolino had a name of a sim and when i went there my first and only thought (verbally expressed and causing him to laugh about it) was “Holy moses”. Insilico is a HUGE Sci-Fi futuristic sim with skyscrapers, flying objects, neon advertisment and much more that was exactly what i was looking for. You really should visit it when you find the time.

And this Final Fantasy Avatar has a really cool sculpted face that comes with the hair. It blinks, and has to options ‘normal’ and ‘smiling’ – this is the smiling one. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

What I used and where you can get it:
Full Avatar: Rokeden Sculpted Avatars – Final Fantasy Shiva Avatar (Shape, Skin, Clothes, Hair (flexi and sculpted both with sculpted face), AO, Effects HUD )
Poses: First Picture: [LAP] – WG-The Sasy PR4
Second Picture: Amacci – Amacci_Female_H1

Into the green

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Alright, I think that I have been – like many many .. many other people in SL – tempted by the big “Final Sale” of Armidi. Since I’m rather a hermit and not a fan of many people around me (plus there was helluva lag) I was happy to read on plurk, that the sale also happens on their web-shop. I did not even know they had one, but the account was set up easily and i began to put things into my shopping cart i liked.

Yeah.. until the moment i saw the amount i would have to pay *coughs* So, i went through the shopping cart and sorted out. The things i liked but did not want to buy right now are not on my wishlist that will most likely not be seen let alone be fulfilled by anyone, but if i ever win in SL’s lottery i know where to go, even if the sale will be long over by then.

I was a good girl and restricted myself to 4 items. Two pair of shoes, one pair of boots and a dress – yay me. Of course i had to show the dress around in the world and went to one of my favourite sim for nature pictures “Gardens of Absentia“.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: mine
Skin: Exodi – Sienna Soleil – Pretty, Pretty Princess (old group gift)
Hair: TRUTH – Elysium
Tattoo: Actchio – Ladyskulls Tattoo (Great Shit Hunt Prize)
Dress: Armidi – {Gisaci} Barlu Fiore – Aufren Navy
Necklace: Balderdash – Strange as Angels
Pose: Long Awkward Pose [LAP] – SWH-Darlin Girl PR4

Dreaming in Color

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Today was one of those days when i needed distraction. Usually i am not really girl like when it comes to that. The girl friends i know go for a shopping tour or eat ice cream – i usually watch some movies, preferably those without brain requirements. But today was different, i actually left my hermit land and went out to shop.

Well i wanted to get some shoes i have seen on the feet of a friend but the shop’s mainstore was not accessible (the whole continent was down, way to go) so i went into a satellite store. Well of course they did not have the shoes i wanted so i looked around in the next section and oh my heart started to sing it was the Discount Second of another store.

After having a short chat with the owner – and her thankfully correcting a pricing error so i could get lovely new ballerinas I’ll show off in another post – i looked around a bit more and fell in love with a beautiful dark emerald dress on a wall just 20 meters in front of me.

It did not take another second before i bought it not even caring about the price *lol* but it was alright, not too much and so pretty. As soon as i went home i slipped into it and i knew i had to show it to you and i knew exactly how i wanted to have it.

Isn’t this dress a dream?

And i am super happy i remembered this Skin i got from Dezi Jarvinen (the owner of Staged) because it fits quite nice into the view. And because it’s so beautiful here a closer look of the face with this special and very creative make up.

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Staged – Judy Masked *Teal*
Hair: fri.day – Allison – Jealous Red
Tattoo: GrungeInk – Ivy Tattoo
Dress: Phoenix Rising – Ruby’s Fire (Emerald)
Necklace & Bracelet: SYSY’s Mignon Pearl sets (Turned the necklace so the front is back and sadly those are unreleased but if you nag SySy long enough she maybe will release them somewhen *lol)
Earrings: HopScotch – Part of “Tears of Venus” Set
Poses: First Picture: Sugar Mill – Coy (slightly adjusted by me – sadly no inworld location anymore)
Second Picture: Amacci – Amacci_Female_H1

I’m the f*cking princess!!


Alright after today’s earlier blogpost i met my dear friend SySy Chapman inworld and she was (i quote) “digging” my punk appearance. I can tell you that i won’t stay like that forever BUT i want to realize an idea of her’s she laughingly proclaimed.

And whilte preparing that i had to think of something my little RL sister said on her 6th birthday. Of course she said it in German so it would not make sense to many of you, but because i am so nice, i’ll roughly translate it. Hold in your thoughts that she had a theme party and was there as a cute little princess in a fluffy pink dress – something that did not fit to the rest of her behavior. So she was standing there in the middle of the room and pushed her little fits into her hips and said “Why are you not dancing. You have to dance, because this is my party and I’m the bloody princess.”

Funny enough that something very similar came back into my life through people on Plurk and Second Life and now it comes back again through SySy. So, doll, here it is and don’t say i did not warn you *lol* For this post i visited the Louis XV Rococo Ballroom because i knew it would be lovely pinkish as well.

And because every princess likes to dance, even the fucking ones, i could not resist to show off this awesome movement of Evie’s Gown while i was dancing. I could have danced all night…

What did I use and where can you get it?
Shape: Mine
Skin: Exodi – Stephanie (Harlow) – London Bound (old group gift)
Hair: BLACK MARIA – Ruby Red
Tattoo: Garden of Ku – The Wired Garden (Body)
[Stellar] Mystic Skull Tattoo (Head)
Outfit: Evie’s Closet – Ophelia Gown – Cotton Candy
Armband, Piercings & Cigarette: Virtual Insanity – Addiction Hunt Gift
Collar: *Dreams* CuppyCake Buckle Collar
Earrings: (census) -earring- Ancient brothel token
Tiara: Lusty Fashion – Part of the “Ashira Harem Outfit”
Poses: exposeur – Top Model – McKey1 – First Picture

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